Wedding Video FAQ
[Frequently Asked Questions: Planners & Coordinators]

As a wedding planner or coordinator you work with all the key players for making sure a wedding goes smoothly. Rest assured, we want everything to be perfect, too! We have found than many wedding planners & coordinators have different levels of experience in working with videographers. If you do not find the answer to your question here or have other FAQ to suggest, please e-mail us.

What Can a Professional Video Do for A Wedding Planner?
A professionally produced wedding video has the potential of showcasing the entire wedding process and fine details. We find that brides and grooms comment from our demo tape that they got ideas for their wedding on other aspects besides whether they would get a professional videotape made. Reception halls, disc jockeys, flowers, catering and other details are part of the visual extravaganza a quality wedding video can highlight. You might also consider having a videotape produced to explain your services to potential clients.

How Well Do You Work with Other Wedding Service Providers?
Very well, Thank you! We pride ourselves in keeping in mind the needs of the other service providers on the wedding day. It is essential that things go smoothly from all aspects. See also our FAQ sections for Officiants, Disc Jockeys and Photographers.

How Long Have You Been Doing This?
We have covered weddings for over 25 years. We had our beginnings in still photography and moved to small format film in the 1970s. The advances in video and computer technology, advanced editing and professional level equipment has enabled us to continue to provide high quality wedding video coverage with a growing clientele of satisfied customers and referrals.

Is it possible to get still photographs from video footage?
Yes, we can accomodate this via our media100 nonlinear video system. The other service providers, such as bakery or florist, may also be interested in still or video clips of their masterpieces.

Are Videographers Expected to Eat at the Wedding?
We are committed to cover the weddings we book and it is essential that we remain on site. Considering that event days often run 10 hours, it is considered a courtesy to provide the videographer (and assistant if applicable) a meal.

How Can Planners Help to Assure A Successful Wedding Video is Produced?
Wedding planners are very helpful in assisting with preparation details and arrangements, identifying key guests. and assuring that all details of the day proceed smoothly. Sometime the wedding planner is able to recommend wedding services based on past experiences with a particular caterer, videographer or florist. Since we share high quality standards, we appreciate your referrals.

How Can Wedding and Event Planners share information and work together with Video Portraits?

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