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As you plan your wedding, you will probably have some questions about wedding video coverage. We have found than many brides, grooms, and other wedding planners have the same questions. If you do not find the answer to your question here or have other FAQ to suggest, please e-mail us.

Do most people have video and photo coverage of their weddings?
It has becoming increasingly popular as people realize the importance of action, sound and the ability to share your wedding day with friends and family via video. It seems some people view this as an either/or decision, but both aspects provide the documentation for your wedding that you'll enjoy for years to come.

The officiant will be using a wireless microphone, will that cause a problem with your equipment?
It is helpful for us to know this. We can check on conflicts during setup and sound checks. In most cases it is as simple as switching to an unused channel to avoid conflict or interference.

How long will it be after our wedding to get our finished video?
Some companies offer wedding videos the same day they are taken. This is a case of 'getting what you paid for'. They simply eject the tape and hand it to you. We offered edited wedding videos which highlight and enhance your wedding events. Generally (depending on season) completed wedding videos are available within 8 weeks of your wedding.

Is it possible to get still photographs from our video footage?
Yes, we can accomodate this via our media100 system. Still photos may also be incorporated into a custom video case or prints as needed.

Our officiant is very leary of videographers from past experiences - Any ideas?
We pride ourselves on working well with officiants of all personalities. They are an important part of your wedding ceremony and we try our best to accomodate their needs and make our coverage blend as much as possible as well as abiding by any rules established by the church, chapel, synagogue or wedding site. We'd be happy to discuss things with them or you might refer them to our "Officiant Information" section.

We heard a horror story of how the videographer came dressed to the wedding. Should we be concerned?
We attend all weddings in proper attire. We strive to blend with the wedding gathering as much as possible and not stand out as the focus of the day should be on you, not us.

Another concern we have is about the videographer ambushing our wedding guests for comments
We make ourselves available for guests that want to share a congratulations greeting. We do not seek to interview guests unless the couple has specifically requested it and the guests are willing. We also offer the option of a separate camcorder set up for guests to stop by and record a greeting for inclusion in the wedding video.


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