Wedding Video FAQ
[Frequently Asked Questions for: Officiants]

We have worked with many officiants of various religions and find that there is
information that is helpful to convey in order to successfully work together.
If you have other concerns, please
e-mail us.

We have specific rules about where cameras and camcorders may be place - will this still work?
We realize that most churches and synagogues were not originally set up to accomodate videotaping, but we are willing to work within your guidelines. In some cases, we will need to inform the couple if a particular requested vantage point or shot will not be available as per your rules. In some cases, we have a remote camera placed and hidden from view by plants or other items available.

I will be using a wireless microphone, will that cause a problem with your equipment?
It is helpful for us to know this. We can check on conflicts during setup and sound checks. In most cases it is as simple as switching to an unused channel to avoid conflict or interference.

How many people will be there shooting?
This is somewhat dependent on which package the couple is interested in. It may be one or two persons - one usually stationed at the front (to the side) and one in the balcony if available.


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